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How do we help celebrate Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 while keeping everyone involved safe and healthy?


We created a digital platform for Copenhagen Pride Week 2020, embracing even more people than before while letting everyone participate digitally.

Covid-19 sets a new agenda

Every year since 1996, Copenhagen has celebrated Pride in august, and 2020 was no exception. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game completely. Public assemblies larger than 100 people are illegal.

The challenge was clear: How do we celebrate Copenhagen Pride Week while keeping everyone involved safe and healthy? Copenhagen Pride Week and Agenda Group teamed up with Cadpeople to redefine the concept and to transform the experience altogether.

By digitising Copenhagen Pride Week 2020, we could embrace even more people than before, and everyone interested could take part in the festivities while maintaining a healthy distance.

A virtual Pride square

We created a virtual Pride Square, so everyone could participate and experience the vibes from any place, at any time, with any device. From the virtual Pride Square, participants could choose between different hotspots, visit the Hall of Fame, learn about the history and be part of the action all along the adventurous parade.

+100 events and debates broadcast live

Over the course of Copenhagen Pride Week 2020, more than 100 events and debates were broadcast live for everyone to see. All the recordings can still be seen over at the Copenhagen Pride Youtube channel.

We wanted to make Copenhagen Pride Week 2020 accessible to more people than ever before. It was important that we could create a digital platform where we could combine rainbows, glitter and parties with serious debates about gender, sexuality and the right to be different.

Claus Riekehr Møller, Partner & CEO, Cadpeople A/S


Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790