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Corporate visual identity

Corporate Visual Identity, CVI

The CVI – Corporate Visual Identity – comprises all the symbols and graphical elements that express the very essence of an organization. Therefore, the practical implications of not having one reflects badly on everything from marketing to reputation management and makes your brand less distinctive, coherent, authentic, and consistent.

Here are some examples of CVI’s Cadpeople has either created or redefined.

Let us tell your story - visually

A well-defined CVI, makes an organisation stand out as professional and mature, internally as well as externally. Especially when the employees know the core story of the company and exactly which colours, PowerPoint templates, e-mail signatures, fonts, tone-of-voice, etc. to use.

At Cadpeople we have developed several CVI’s and it is always a welcomed challenge.

Sometimes the CVI is an alteration for an existing brand, that needs a facelift into the future, e.g., with an updated logo, a refreshed colour palette, or a new stationery suite – sometimes it is a new company making an international entrance that needs to stand out from the get-go.


The design guide

There is no fact list for a CVI, but often we include these elements in a final design guide, to be handed out to employees or downloaded from the website:

  • Logo
  • Logo story (how the logo originated and is to be interpreted)
  • Colour palette (primary, secondary and contrasts, RGB/HEX/CMYK)
  • Stationary Suite (letterhead, envelopes)
  • Core story
  • Mission/vision
  • Tone-of-voice
  • Power point template
  • E-mail signature template
  • Photo/image style
  • Signage
  • Animations for social media (e.g. intro or outros)
  • Business cards
  • Screen savers
  • Apparel


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Partner & CSO
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