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Digital nano degree in project management



How does HK help its members stay ready in an ever-changing job market?


Creating nano degrees that keep up with demanded job skills and develop the members’ competencies.


Organisationally, HK faces a transition as the classic image of being a trade union member is in dissolution.

In the future, more members will come from academic segments, which means a greater demand for more practical experience and knowledge. HK will meet the future demand with digital learning in nano form.

Educate yourself and stay ready for change

We all need to be ready for change – especially at our jobs.

Today, this readiness and willingness to constant change are written into almost every job advert as self-evident.

HK sees this. Therefore, they want to offer digital, educational nano degrees on-demand that develop the newest, most wanted skills and refine their members’ competencies – so they can stay on the learning path, stay in the loop of renewal, and stay ready for the next job adventure.

This means that HK members suitable for a job – but merely lack a specific competence – have the time to take a minor course and write an application before a job deadline.


Nano degree in leadership skills

Together with HK, we created a digital nano degree focusing on personal leadership skills in project management.

The nano degree is praxis-oriented, scenario-based, humoristic, and reflective. It presents three different film scenarios that a project manager can find him- or herself in in real life, and a meta voice comments on the project manager’s behaviour and encourages her to solve the challenges within the team using her personal skills. Each scenario is followed by reflective questions about handling the situation the best way possible

If you are a member of HK, you can take the nano degree and train your personal leadership skills right HERE.


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601