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Exhibition stand



How do we help MHI Vestas Offshore Wind show people not what they produce, but what they do?


Create a show-stealing exhibition stand that lets people experience the company “inside-out”.

A new way to exhibit

At exhibitions, companies from around the world usually show off their products. For MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, WindEurope Offshore 2019 was used for something very unusual – to make people experience what the company does. Not what they produce.

We teamed up with Jysk Display to create a show-stealing exhibition stand.

The MHI Vestas impact on the world

The exhibition concept was designed to create curiosity and attention, and to invite people to the inner circle, to tell the story of the global green leader: their effect on people, on safety, on quality, on the market they operate in, on the climate and on the world.



The Inner Circle

An eye-catching element – The Inner circle – was the centre of attention at the exhibition.

Its shape ‘opens up’ and invites people in as a symbol of a sharing and collaborating mindset.

At different time slots during the exhibition day, people from training, sales, construction and marketing made presentations from their area of expertise, inviting people inside the MVOW circle to attend talks and demonstrations.

In between talks, The Inner Circle was a ‘cinema’.

Exhibition elements

The Inner Circle

Inviting people into the ‘inner circle’ at MVOW for talks and presentations.


Units as the landing spot for multiple executions: VR, Touch screen, videos and AR. The units can also be used at other exhibitions, in meeting rooms, at offices etc. and can contain all solutions in one or just be a part of a journey on a big exhibition stand.


a VR experience guided by an MHI Vestas hero – a planner and a technician. You get to assemble a turbine out on the sea and get a guided tour around a pre-assembly harbour

Talk of the show

Not only did the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s exhibition stand become the most visited. It also became the “talk of the show” with its round and visual shape, which formed a contrast to all the square setups you usually see on exhibitions.

In fact, news media all filmed their reports in front of the exhibition, creating a great background – and extra attention from outside the WindEurope Offshore Event.

A scalable exhibition concept

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s exhibition concept at WindEurope2019 was extremely scalable, flexible and future-proof because it was:

  • Modular – pick and choose elements
  • Scalable – small to large spaces
  • Multi-use – adaptable to many touchpoints



Lone Finnerup
Partner & Creative Director
Tel +45 2611 5545