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Elevate Denmark's Wind Energy Position

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The challenge

Showcase Denmark’s know-how within offshore wind

Due to COVID-19, it was impossible to physically invite stakeholders to Danish embassies to showcase Denmark’s know-how within offshore wind and inspire others to follow in our footsteps towards a global green transition.

We developed a virtual platform for this purpose.

The solution

Offshore wind platform

The virtual tour at the platform starts with an immersive 360 helicopter ride where visitors can see an offshore wind farm from the sky.

The visitor lands on the substation’s helipad, where Dan Jørgensen, the former Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities, greets them.

From here, the visitors can:

  • Experience offshore wind turbines up close
  • See an offshore wind farm's visual footprint from their country's coastline
  • See energy comparisons and information relevant to their supply chain
  • Learn about wind turbine technology, power, size, and distance metrics associated with offshore wind
  • Understand the investments necessary
  • Learn about regulatory and political factors
  • Share knowledge with regulators and the supply chain to learn best practices to push for more offshore wind

The value

Flexible, virtual platform

By launching this virtual platform, the Danish embassies can invite stakeholders from more parts of the world inside. And the experience and understanding can take place on the visitor's terms - independent of time zones, resources, and economy.

Initially, we developed the platform for the Danish embassy in the United States. But it has grown globally and is now used at many other Danish embassies worldwide – e.g., in India, South Korea, Japan, and France.

The platform is an important tool to inspire others for an urgent global green transition based on offshore wind.


Kristoffer Böttzauw, Director General of the Danish Energy Agency



Jens Bach
Business Development Manager
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