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3D educational universe



How does Ørsted drive a cultural change of their QHSE initiative, Plan Care Communicate, across the organisation and their entire value chain?


We built an intriguing 3D platform that embraces all Ørsted’s educational material in one single universe.

The mantra

A 3D platform that drives and facilitates a cultural change

Ørsted is committed to taking a leading role in reshaping how the world produces and consumes energy. The mantra Plan Care Communicate helps Ørsted prioritise the necessary world-class Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) to accomplish this goal.

But what does Plan Care Communicate mean?

A good plan is essential for doing a job well. It also opportunity allows you to evaluate the job before it is carried out, making it even better.

Care ensures the well-being of employees, the company, and the planet.

Making changes in a team is all about communication. Good plans and intentions stay the same if they are not communicated, discussed, and carried out.

But you don’t become world-class merely by writing a mantra in stone. Action must follow.

To drive such a cultural change of raising the company’s QHSE maturity, Ørsted had to get every employee to jump onboard. Therefore, we joined forces to build a universe containing all of Ørsted’s educational material conveyed in a 3D universe with talks, movies, workshops, a library, and tools that every employee must go through in a 2-day course in their onboarding. The aim of the Plan Care Communicate initiative is to imprint Ørsted’s ways across the entire value chain, creating an unambiguous thought world of the way Ørsted does QHSE. Such alignment enables a streamlined and uniform understanding of the QHSE procedures and guidelines that drives their culture and togetherness.

The ‘Plan Care Communicate’ Universe does not reach our QHSE goals alone. But I think the people accessing it will embark on that journey – and thereby make it possible to fulfil our goals and objectives for QHSE.

Hasse Andreasen, Vice President, QHSE Onshore, Ørsted

A recognizable universe

We wanted to invite the users into an environment of familiarity and embracement. As a global entity, Ørsted consists of numerous branches, in which each and everyone ought to be represented and heard in this recognizable universe. That is why we opened the doors to a virtual extension of Ørsted’s office in Gentofte. Plan Care Communicate most certainly is for everyone at Ørsted, and the universe does even address the entire value chain of Ørsted – all for one.

Recognizable figures

The universe is not only embossed by a recognizable environment but also recognizable figures. A welcome by Group President and CEO, Mads Nipper, is only suiting when entering the universe alongside appearances by CFO, Marianne Wiinholt, CCO, Martin Neubert, and many more. We do not display these figures like an Ørsted board meeting, where all executives gather in the same room. They are parted into separate rooms mirroring each given field by an accommodating presentation in the background.


An extendable universe

We wanted to reflect the buzzing and vibrant environment Ørsted has, with all the different people and roles there might be. And since Ørsted is exactly that, buzzing and vibrant, change is not unthinkable. Luckily when working with 3D universes, we can extend the platform at will – with no need for carpenters.

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Partner & CSO
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