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Two 3D universes

State of Green


How we help State of Green foster international relations with stakeholders interested in Danish solutions in the green transition?


We created two interactive, immersive 3D universes, State of Green Live and Green Together Experience, which showcase the latest Danish green technologies and solutions.


We facilitated two 3D universes that help share Danish GreenTech solutions with the rest of the world.

State of Green is a flag-bearer of the green transition in Denmark. Their goal is to share green knowledge, experience, and solutions born in Denmark to solve global challenges out in the world. To inspire and accelerate the green transition worldwide, we wanted to help State of Green visualise and facilitate the solutions that Danish companies in the green frontier are developing.

We wanted a solution that could be

  • Immersive, interactive, and engaging
  • Versatile in telling different stories in different ways
  • Truly global and not bound to a physical location
  • Easy to update and expand when new green knowledge and solutions are born

So together, we created the two 3D universes called State of Green Live and Green Together Experience.

State of Green Live

State of Green Live is a virtual exhibition platform inspired by their physical showroom, House of Green, located in the heart of Copenhagen. In this platform you’ll meet 4 global challenges in 4 separate rooms, namely:

  • Circular Economy
  • Liveable Cities
  • Water
  • Sustainable Energy

No need to knock, just jump right on in

Because interactivity was important, the platform does not dictate which way you go. Instead, you must explore the universe by yourself, discovering Danish green initiatives conveyed in videos, quizzes, flashcards, and much more.

Another essential feature was the possibility to host events, meetings, webinars, and conferences.

Did you miss an event or just want to revisit it? No worries. The platform stores previous events, so you’ll be able to wind back the talks and presentations. Like you never skipped a beat.

Green Together Experience

The second 3D universe, Green Together Experience, lives within State of Green Live and is co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, you have the whole world in the palm of your hand.

Simply drag and pull the globe in any desired direction and explore the 4 global challenges and where they are found in the world. Within each global challenge, you’ll be able to pull up selected environmental issues, which are highlighted by hot spots on the globe. The hot spots then guide you to a specific case, where the challenge, solution, and the results are emphasized, as well as the company behind the solution in question.

You can explore how sustainable solutions from Denmark help solve global challenges, as you have the globe under your command.

There is one specific country that you can explore even further. You guessed it – Denmark. The same global challenges are once again displayed, this time over Denmark alongside facts about our little country and how Danish solutions are planned to be launched in the future.

For example: Did you know that by 2030, 100% of electricity will be covered by renewable energy sources? Or that by 2050, Denmark will be independent of fossil fuels?

Denmark is becoming greener day by day, but State of Green does not settle for just Denmark – they want a greener world.

Together with Cadpeople, we were able to amplify and extend our voice digitally in order to push the green transition even faster.

Karen Øksnebjerg, Digital Project Manager, State of Green



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Partner & CEO
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