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Web Campaign Visuals



How do we design a visually powerful campaign that breathes new life to the 2 MW platform without compromising the values of the Vestas brand?


Think out of the box and bend the rules of Vestas’ corporate visual identity by utilising darker colours and a transparent look.

Powerful and futuristic campaign visuals

The launch of the two larger rotors to the 2 MW platform takes the platform to the next level. So, of course, we wanted the visual expression to reflect this evolution and to give it new life – without compromising the values of the strong Vestas brand.

Behind the solution

We decided to go a new way and use darker colours – something completely new for the Vestas brand. We constructed 3D images and animations of the wind turbines in a transparent material, which resulted in a powerful and futuristic appearance. This transparent look also gives the Vestas brand an honest feel – a look that says “We have nothing to hide”.


Signe Vibe
Project Manager
Tel +45 6166 1567