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Virtual expo universe



How do we help Danish companies make an impression when the world’s largest trade fair for organic food goes virtual?


Create a unique virtual universe for the Danish companies to tell stories, show products and inspire visitors.

Making an impression - virtually

The COVID-19 pandemic causes almost all major gatherings – across almost all industries – to be cancelled, postponed or moved to an online platform.

The organic food industry is no exception.

Each year, the industry descends on Nuremberg, Germany, to socialise, do business and inspire each other. This year, however, the Biofach trade fair took place virtually.

Therefore, the challenges facing Danish companies were:
How do we tell our stories, show our products and inspire our visitors in a virtual trade fair?
And how do we show our best side in unknown terrain?

We have received mostly praising feedback, saying for example that it is an inspiring and efficient way for international decision-makers to gather new information and be inspired.

Louise Kaad-Hansen, International Marketing Coordinator, Organic Denmark

Cooperation that puts the spotlight on Denmark

The trade organisations Organic Denmark and Bio Aus Dänemark contacted us because they wanted to make sure that their members could make the best of the virtual Biofach trade fair.

To help Danish companies stand out, we created a virtual universe separate from the Biofach trade fair. And even though the hosts of this virtual universe would technically be Organic Denmark and Bio Aus Dänemark, their brands would not take centre stage. Denmark would.

As an organic food pioneer, the country of Denmark has a strong brand within the industry. And this innovative virtual platform could both benefit from and strengthen the Danish brand in the global organic food industry.


Many different touchpoints

The virtual platform served several purposes. Firstly, it allowed Danish organic food producers to exhibit their products with videos, images and text in a simple way. Secondly, expo visitors could chat with the exhibitors live – all in the same browser window.

We also created an ‘Innovation Zone’, where new, trail-blazing products were presented in a different environment designed to be more inspiring and playful.

In addition to both the traditional and creative product exhibits, the virtual platform included a VIP backstage area. With the correct password, key persons invited beforehand could join Teams-sessions via the VIP backstage area.

Present from afar

Finally, representatives from Organic Denmark and Bio Aus Dänemark were placed in the virtual platform using greenscreen recordings. This way, they could welcome every visitor to the platform. We also created a meeting point, where the two companies offered information about themselves using greenscreen recordings.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, we have helped more than 40 different companies and organisations inspire, explore, present, debate, and launch – virtually. Will you be the next?

DENMARK eSPECIAL has given us valuable knowledge and experience, and we now have a head-start in terms of working with virtual expos.In spite of the very short timeframe, the cooperation with Cadpeople has been good, and many good ideas have been on the table.We see the arrow pointing clearly in the right direction, and we are even better equipped for a future we believe will be a combination of the physical and the virtual.

Louise Kaad-Hansen, International Marketing Coordinator, Organic Denmark


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Partner & CSO
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