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Sales tool solution used across platforms



How do we present this next generation product line in a new, creative and innovative way, while ensuring that we tell the same story every time?


Collect and compress the essence into an aesthetic sales tool solution used across platforms: a product website, a sales presentation and a tablet-based sales tool.

Sales tool used worldwide

With several different channels of distribution, the challenge for Dynaudio was to ensure that the high-end quality and innovation of the Focus XD product line was communicated clearly and consistently, across all distribution channels. Add to this that retailers in this business are used to selling passive speakers and don’t necessarily understand the value that the unique selling points of active speakers bring.

Presentation tool and AR

We created a sales and presentation tool with the ability to add augmented reality. Our ambition was to streamline the sales presentations of the product line and help sellers to present the innovative approach that Dynaudio has taken with their hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers. The sales tool app allows sellers to present an aesthetically pleasing narrative in line with the DNA of Dynaudio – every time.

The app is free to use for anyone. Download it here:

Google Play (Android)

The sales tool app is used worldwide by dealers, at exhibitions and by Dynaudio Sales representatives.


Thomas Juel, Partner & CSO, Cadpeople



Lone Finnerup
Partner & Creative Director
Tel +45 2611 5545