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The challenge

Creating an interactive digital experience

In the pursuit of enhancing customer engagement at events, Satair wanted an easy-to-use and visual way to tell their story. Their previous experiences were that the more complex the technology, the more time-consuming it was for their representatives at the booth. They needed a digital, self-explanatory tool.

The solution

Introducing the touchscreen experience

Enter the virtual platform – an adaptable digital tool tailored for events (and much more). Designed to cater to stakeholders' needs, including those in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul sectors, as well as specialists in aircraft maintenance and aftermarket services, the solution offers a dynamic platform for showcasing products and services.

The touchscreen experience serves as a multifaceted tool for engaging visitors, providing a glimpse into the company's offerings and fostering customer interaction without the need for direct supervision

Experience the platform right here

Satair Virtual Platform Cadpeople

Our new virtual platform is a great tool for us to keep building interactive digital customer experiences, for which we can see multiple use cases. It is a refreshed way of presenting ourselves and a place where our customers, existing and potential partners, can engage and explore on their own and in a format that feels a bit like gamification. We are very proud of this first edition, and we look forward to continuing the journey with Cadpeople.

Kenneth Reinholdt Palm, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The value

Mapping out future applications

The virtual platform got a warm welcome by its users.

Looking ahead, it holds promise beyond its initial showcase at events. The purpose is for it to evolve into a tool not only used at exhibitions and events but also for customer meetings, forging new business partnerships, onboarding and much more.

The perspective

Much more to come

With feedback gathered from the first uses and exposures, plans are underway to refine the touchscreen experience, enriching it with additional information and features to cater to diverse stakeholder needs.

As the platform evolves, it is poised to become an indispensable asset, seamlessly integrating into various facets of the business landscape.



Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601