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Siemens Mobility in Scotland: First to Last Mile


Siemens Mobility in Scotland: First to Last Mile


The challenge

Simple beginnings to complex needs

Siemens Mobility has a lot of diverse products and services within the Rail Infrastructure sector that needs to be presented in a unified manner. They needed a place to visualise and show how all their different departments and products align and work together.

The solution

Step 1, 2, and 3

Initially engaged to create a simple iPad solution to illustrate Siemens Mobility's diverse products and departments, we developed a straightforward virtual environment. This simple white world marked the beginning of a complex, evolving platform designed to present services from signalling to system communications.

Responding to escalating demands, the platform expanded into a comprehensive tool. Now, the platform serves multiple departments, adapting to varied global needs, and is used for various purposes and in various settings.

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The value

Enhanced global reach and impact

The virtual platform is an important tool which is utilised for both internal training and sales / marketing activities within Siemens Mobility. It is used in high-level presentations and is a cornerstone for showcasing Siemens Mobility's capabilities at for instance trade fairs, conferences, and meetings.

The platform's flexibility was showcased when adaptations were made for Siemens Mobility's Scottish division, creating a local version designed specifically to regional preferences and operational nuances.

The perspective

One platform endless possibilities 

Our collaboration has been marked by continuous development and integration of new ideas, such as the "digitisation overlay", which connects hardware and cloud solutions – how the systems communicate. This continuous platform evolution ensures that it remains a vital tool for storytelling across Siemens Mobility, enhancing credibility and visibility across all business sectors.

This exemplifies how digital platforms can bridge communication gaps within large corporations and highlights our commitment to continuous innovation and tailored solutions.


Jonas Somerville Andersen
Partner & CEO of Cadpeople UK
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