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3D Sail Configurator


The challenge

Bridging the gap between sailors' dreams and sails

Mother Earth gives us the wind, and Elvstrøm Sails provides the sails to harness its power for our boats. Yet, boats are more than just vessels.

Just as every sailor and every adventure is unique, so is the sail to power the dream. The process of configuring a sail is complex, and Elvstrøm Sails recognised a gap: there wasn't a clear bridge between the visual aspirations of consumers and the sail makers.

Elvstrøm Sails aimed to foster a closer relationship with both the end-consumer and sailmakers, while also showcasing its extensive range of sails more prominently. 

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The solution

3D Sail Configurator

Enter the 360, 3D sail configurator. This intuitive tool enables the users to puzzle with their own virtual boat and sails before contacting the sailmaker for a final configuration and quote.

For sailmakers, it's a potent sales instrument that offers live visual representations. For end-consumers, the configurator functions as a tool of inspiration, allowing them to explore the universe and play with fabrics, colors, and reinforcements.

When users finalize their preferences, they can either get a complete configuration and quote from their chosen Elvstrøm SailPoint or save a link to their sail configuration for a later follow-up.

A sail is far from just a triangle, which means we've had to build many 3D configurations, which Cadpeople has helped us empower in the living universe. As our ambition has been to integrate it with our internal systems closely, there has been a very close collaboration throughout the process, with the high involvement of many competencies, ultimately creating a tool that also provides value for our dealers.

Lise-Lotte Møhring Larsen, Marketing Manager, Elvstrøm Sails

The value

Sales generator

The solution is a prime example of show it, don’t tell it.

The tool has proven to be a major sales generator for Elvstrøm Sails and the sailmakers. The sailmakers are remedied by showcasing Elvstrøm Sails’ wide and deep portfolio while having the specifics right by their hand. Furthermore, it provides an extra dimension for the end-consumer, as they can tailor their sails, granting them unprecedented freedom and control in their purchase journey.



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Partner & CSO
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