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Digital simulation of a heat pump



How do we make heat pump installation training more intuitive, engaging and memorable?


Use a touch screen to visualise the things that couldn’t be shown before – while giving trainees a powerful visual experience.

The demand for heat pump installations increases

Touch screen visualisations take heat pump installation training to the next level and help unlock a vital part of climate transition.

In 2019, Denmark promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% before 2030.

To meet this ambitious goal, the demand for climate-friendly heat pumps will increase – and to install all these new, high-tech pumps, we will need a lot of competent technicians!

Therefore, we wanted to help EVU revitalise their heat pump installation training and make it more intuitive, engaging and memorable for the trainees.

Blended learning with a touch screen

We decided to develop a touch screen solution that places the heat pump in an engaging, digital and dynamic experience.

First of all, the touch screen can be used to present the subject matter in a visually powerful way. But secondly – and just as importantly – it can facilitate blended learning because the trainees can work together on the touch screen to understand the data.

The digital heat pump creates greater and more engaging dialogues between instructor and students. And the heat pump – and any other digital learning tool – change the instructors’ role as he or she becomes a facilitator of practical exercise in the classroom rather than just teaching the subject.

Showing the elements that couldn’t be shown before

A vital ambition of this project was to create a solution that can visualise the elements that are otherwise very hard to show.

Traditionally, the training has been done with a heavy load of abstract diagrams showing the important, hidden parts of the heat pump such as obscure pipes, machinery, and other parts wrapped in isolating material.

This tool helps instructors tell the stories around the heat pump and show the flows of fluids and gasses, intuitively indicating the temperature – all helping the students understand the complicated processes and how the pump works.

Besides the improvements that the touch screen brings to the classroom, the trainees can access the digital solution from home or anywhere else, allowing them to explore and learn – even before or after classes.



Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790