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Case-based e-learning



How do we address and help avoid errors and fraud in government organisations?


Creating case-based e-learning helping leaders reflect upon their roles and responsibilities.

Rules or reflection? Or both?

Do errors and fraud happen because people do not know the rules? Or do they occur because leaders do not realise how big a responsibility they have motivating employees to follow the rules?

In case-based e-learning, created in close corporation with the Agency for Public Finance and Management – Ministry of Finance, we address both sides of this issue – we put a spotlight on the rules of control, and we emphasise the responsibility of leaders in our government organisations.

Responsible role models

Government leaders and employees can only dedicate their time to the core tasks and make a difference in our society if the overall governance works well and proper controls are in place in our institutions.

But who is responsible for creating, securing, and maintaining such a work environment? The answer is “Everyone, of course.” But a special responsibility lies with the leaders within our organisations.

Therefore, we created e-learning containing different lessons built on videos, video cases, interactive exercises, reflective questions, and explanatory drawings, giving leaders the opportunity to reflect upon their essential roles and responsibilities and allowing them to work with and bring their knowledge into play.

Where to improve?

Alongside the e-learning, we developed a self-evaluation tool for leaders to evaluate the maturity of their team or department within four different parameters: Teamwork & Relations, Competencies, Motivation, and Governance & Organisation.

Depending on the maturity score, the leader will know where to improve, develop, and strengthen his or her team – all to prevent financial errors and fraud within the organisation.



Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790