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E-learning containing life-like scenarios



How can we create exciting online training and engage trainees behind the screen?


Build an e-learning universe of life-like scenarios, instructors, and missions to complete

"Digitise the training," they said

Enabling trainees to ‘meet’ the unavailable instructors at European Wind Academy by creating an interactive, life-like e-learning universe

Like many other wind energy companies, we work with, European Wind Academy, who is a part of FairWind, decided it was time to digitise parts of their training in 2020.

But how do we engage trainees when they cannot be trained by an instructor?
We decided that the instructor must come to the trainees – digitally.

We did so by placing the trainees in the middle of life-like scenarios and making them feel like they are being taught and guided by a real instructor.

“Real” guidance

Together with EWA, we digitised GWO’s Basic Safety Training Refresher-modules:

  • Working at Height
  • Fire Awareness
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling

Each module has its own specialised instructor. These instructors are transformed into e-learning instructors, who guide, present, inform, encourage, and provide feedback to trainees through videos and pictures in the online training.

By using the faces of the exact instructors as the trainees would meet in real life at the practical training, we establish recognition as well as a trustful connection between the e-learning and the practical course.

Trainees on a mission

Throughout the online training, we place the trainee in life-like scenarios and give them missions to complete – always trying to activate and engage them.

The aim of the videos of life-like scenarios is to portray a “real” situation that could take place on-site, and the trainees are challenged by questions and various tasks in relation to the mission. These videos are all shown from the trainee’s point of view to give trainees the feeling of being in the situation themselves.


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601