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Touch screen solution



How do we communicate complex digital solutions in an easily understandable way?


Create a touch screen solution that presents usually obscure information visually and intuitively.

Deep 3D universe

Grundfos wanted a way to tell their potential customers about their intelligent pump, the UPM3, its unique hardware features, and how it can be used in different situations. But most importantly, they wanted the new digital possibilities that the UPM3 provides to be communicated in a visual way.

Behind the solution

We developed a touch screen solution that takes place in a deep 3D universe, where customers and other visitors can interact with the UPM3 and learn about the digital possibilities in an easily understandable way under the tagline “Keeping a finger on the pulse”.

The two communication solutions, PMW and LIN-BUS, allows the user to explore specifications like performance status, settings, monitoring, et cetera – all things that are usually hidden away in dusty user manuals.

With our touch screen solution, the information from PMW and LIN-BUS is presented in a visual and accessible way.

The results

Grundfos was happy with the solution. When they debuted the touch screens at the first exhibition, they even heard that their competitors were referring visitors to their stand to have the complex digital solutions explained.


Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790