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Digital and interactive ROC



How do we ease the simulation of large logistical operations and take visual planning to the next level?


Create a digital and interactive ROC (Rehearsal Of Concept) drill simulator that streamlines the planning and collaboration between different parts of the organization and making it accessible for people remote.

Award-winning ROC simulators

The pre-assembly phases of offshore wind projects are major logistical operations. The goal is to complete as much of the process as possible on-shore, which is why there is a need for extensive planning to execute these processes efficiently.

Until now, a visual representation of the plans has been performed within a physical setup using 3D-printed models of turbine components and pre-assembly areas. We wanted to digitalise this process, to make it more efficient and to make the internal collaboration easier.

We created a software application that digitalises parts of the ROC drills. The application works within a 3D visualisation of the pre-assembly area.

The main benefits

Instead of physical, 3D-printed models of components, they are now interactive models within the application. An overview of tools demand has been added which shows the total number of selected tools on-site at any given time.

The application eases internal collaboration, meaning that planners can now share visual plans not only with team members but also with remote site staff at the pre-assembly harbour site.

A new feature has been implemented to show the progress of the work, which was not possible with the physical table.

Last, but not least, the 3D application allows the ROC drill exercise to look weeks ahead, which has previously not been possible without clearing the table and starting over.

The next step

The physical table setup has been replaced, and the next step for this project is to digitalise the ROC drill entirely. In theory, it could also be possible to construct the pre-assembly area in a VR world, which would allow site management to invite their colleagues on a walk around the pre-assembly site to go through the plans, week for week – and make edits on the spot, if necessary.


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601