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EWEA Offshore 2015

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind


How do we create a powerful launch of the new company MHI Vestas Offshore Wind at the single most important international trade conference and exhibition of the year, EWEA Offshore 2015?


Create an execution that matches the innovative spirit of the company using 3D and VR technology.

Launching a new company with a bang

It was the company’s first public presence and it had to be a high-profile entry onto the world stage of offshore wind energy. The execution had to match the innovative spirit of the company and the world’s most powerful turbine. MHI Vestas wanted to be the talk of the show, so the first thing we thought of was virtual reality – the only technology at that time to match the spirit of the company.

Behind the solution

We built a stand, the main attraction of which was a unique virtual reality experience. Pioneering Oculus Rift VR technology in a commercial application, visitors were taken on a trip to one of the most prestigious offshore projects in the world: the Burbo Bank Extension, 10 km outside of Liverpool. Here they could enjoy the thrilling view from one of the 32 V164-8.0 MW turbines – the most powerful wind turbine in the world.

Since the product had not been installed offshore at the time of the show, we had to bring the turbine to life to show its scale and power. So, we built a virtual reality experience – using a brand new technology not commercially available at the time – that was immersive and showcased the scale of the turbine in a realistic offshore setting.

The VR experience was part of a total concept for the trade show, which also included video walls, touchscreens, and a compelling storyline that connected all the dots.

The results

We made a powerful entry into the offshore industry. More than 2,000 visitors experienced the VR platform and, at times, a 30-minute queue stretched in front of the stand.

Following the event, a custom-built Oculus Rift VR experience was made for the largest offshore wind developer in the world, DONG Energy, to be stationed at their HQ. We have also developed two mobile versions of the Oculus Rift VR experience that travels within MHI Vestas for various external activities and events.

The press reported extensively from the stand, and financial analysts noted their positive expectations for the MHI Vestas share valuation after having experienced the launch at EWEA.



Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +452014 6601