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Digital learning solution



How do we ensure cost-effective, consistent and inspiring training at all Ørsted's locations?


We create a global digital learning solution which saves time, streamlines training and integrates seamlessly into Ørsted’s global digital infrastructure.

Global digital learning solution

In health and safety education, the traditional “one-man-and-a-slideshow” setup is ineffective in many ways. It is not inspiring for students, documentation is a logistical and legal nightmare, and employing educators is costly. Ørsted realised this and needed a new, innovative and more cost-effective approach to HSE training.


A digital learning universe

We created a digital learning universe, improving learning through visualisations and interaction.

The Global Site Induction digital learning course unifies all previous and new offshore wind sites and provides fundamental training in key focus areas. Furthermore, the digital learning portal is integrated with the systems Wind Farm Manager and Seaplanner.

Now everybody gets the same story about our shared safety culture, no matter which unit he or she belongs to.

Peter Kjeldsen, Manager Site HSE, Ørsted


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601