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Visual experiences and immersive storytelling



How do we tell a streamlined story about Satair while taking the company into the digital future?


Work together to create powerful visual experiences and immersive storytelling for the Satair exhibition stands, beginning with the Paris Air Show 2017.

Raising brand awareness with storytelling using VR and AR

In the spring of 2017, we met with Satair, who wanted to give their exhibition concepts a digital overhaul. They wanted to go from analogue exhibitions to digital, updatable and interactive experiences, using state-of-the-art technology – so, naturally, they went to us. And as we were pitching our ideas about using technologies like VR, AR and touch screen solutions, a concept began taking shape.

One of the objectives was also to get rid of “so what does Satair do” question – we wanted to raise the general brand awareness of Satair through storytelling and a strong continuous concept.

Behind the solution

We wanted to tell the story of Satair as a service provider for the airline industry – hence the central phrase “from nose to tail”. We began by creating a mixed reality experience for the Paris Air Show in June of 2017. The first part of the experience was a 1-to-1 real-life model of a part of the inflight cabin of an Airbus A350. The second part of the experience was a virtual reality movie, which animated highlighted parts of the Satair product and services portfolio – from nose to tail – and ended with the user flying over Paris. And, in addition to this, we created complementary visuals for the rest of the stand, in order to give visitors a coherent experience and a harmonious story of Satair and their services.

The Paris Air Show stand was a successful first step on the journey from analogue exhibitions to digital, updatable and interactive experiences. We’re looking forward to the next step.


Working with Cadpeople on this project was a pleasure. They understood to transform a complex story into an easy-to-understand and visually impressive solution for the customer to experience. Cadpeople showed an impressive understanding of our complex industry and our need for communicating our diverse offering to the customers.

This resulted in an involving solution, which explains our company offerings to the customer in a simple, yet very impressive way.

Manja Brichmann Andersen, Head of Marketing & Communication Copenhagen, Satair



Lone Finnerup
Partner & Creative Director
Tel +45 2611 5545