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Action-packed marketing film



How do we showcase the impressive sound experience that comes with the MKE 2 elements ActionMic?


Create an action-packed film, showing GoPro footage both with and without the audio from the MKE 2 elements ActionMic.

Challenge and ambitions

We wanted to demonstrate the impressive performance of the MKE 2 elements ActionMic. We saw video as the perfect medium with which to experience the addition of great sound to action-packed GoPro video – and it allowed us to create visualisations presenting extra features and showing the resilience of the product.


Behind the solution

We created a film, first showing gorgeous GoPro footage without sound – the way you are used to it. Then, we added the missing element – the amazing sound from the MKE 2 elements ActionMic. The result is the great sound experience you never realised that you needed.

Click the play icon at the top of this page to see the action-packed film.

One of the best product films in the history of Sennheiser. Internally everybody loves it. The film is very popular out there and has been great for us, giving us a lot of views and a lot of visitors on our website.

Anders Laybourn, Marketing Manager, Broadcast & Media, Sennheiser


Signe Vibe
Project Manager
Tel +45 6166 1567