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Mobile tool helping young people reflect

Studievalg Danmark

Mobile tool helping young people reflect

Studievalg Danmark

The challenge

How do you dispel the myth of 'the right education'?

Being a young adult leaves you with so many difficult choices. Choosing education is one of them. The myth of 'the right education' adds unnecessary pressure and makes choosing even harder. How do you decide what you want to work with for the rest of your life? The answer is simple. You don't have to.

Studievalg Danmark wants to create the necessary desire, courage, and curiosity within the young people and show them that there isn't only one perfect path for them to walk, but many. 

The solution

Showing segments and solutions

With an (almost) unlimited conceptual frame and sky-high visions, we have, together with Studievalg Danmark, developed their new digital universe: an engaging mobile tool with small interactive games, questions, and inspiration that gives young people a break for reflection – and a place to think where no one is watching.

With Studievalg Danmark’s new digital tool Future Spin, future students can investigate:

  • What makes their butterflies go wild, and what they are good at
  • Which educations and subjects suit their interests and personal characteristics
  • Possible ways to different educations
  • Who and what effects and concerns them about choosing education
  • Different educations and ways to learn more

You can explore Future Spin right here.

The value

Future spin, future hope

In creating the digital tool, the educational advisors at Studievalg Danmark hoped that Future Spin’s reflective exercises would help young people get closer to the best possible educational decision.

And the educational advisors could not hope for more when the feedback sounds like this:

I do not feel alone with my choice anymore. I might have felt that from time to time before.


Lærke, future student

Future Spin asks me to reflect even more profoundly on some of the questions I have been thinking about myself.


Anders, future student

How is the solution used?

Future Spin is a mobilefirst designed web app that does not require a login. Young people can use it when and where they want to – as reflective exercises on their own, with friends, or as a conversation starter with an educational advisor. It is entirely up to them.

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Business Development Manager
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