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Fictional 3D-universe



How do we engage future students to explore TEC’s vocational educations in an immersive and informative manner, when physical attendance is limited?


Create a fictional 3D-universe of TEC’s facilities, where visitors can buzz around and explore the many educational programs.


Bridging the gap between future students and TEC by defying time and space in a virtual universe

You might think you’ve read this case once before, but let me assure you, this is a brand-new project. You are probably thinking of the solution we did together with TEC revolving around their gymnasiums.

Welcome to 2.0.

Together with TEC, we developed a sparkling new 3D universe, which addresses those interested in enrolment in one of TEC’s vocational educations. Want to be a flight technician, an orthopedic, or an electrician? Just follow the hovering sound.

Watch your head—Drone incoming. The drone is your loyal companion throughout your journey in this universe, as it projects hologram explainer videos of each program you want to learn more about. Within each program, you’ll be able to book a meeting with a study advisor, read about specialisations of each education, and draw inspiration from former students.

It is a physical educational event – but available at all hours from anywhere with an internet connection.

The virtual universe has led to a 15% increase in applications for our vocational programs.

Camilla Løkkegaard, Head of Secretariat for Digitalization, TEC

Why haven’t I seen the school before?

The explanation is quite simple. Because it doesn’t exist – not in real life at least.

TEC’s many programs are sporadically placed. Therefore, we had to merge our impressions from the various facilities into one. This enabled us to furnish the rooms at will and let me tell you, it is way easier to build an extension to the school digitally than with brick and mortar.

We wanted to bring two ideas together in designing the universe. First off, we wanted to maintain the raw and rustic feel that embraces the vast majority of the educations, but at the same time highlight the cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art tools occurring from each educational direction.

Concrete walls and glass elements in a beautiful cocktail with drones, holograms, and robots.


Get inspired

The ultimate purpose of the universe is to inspire, which became our noblest task to convey – so we got others to do it for us.

We wanted to emphasize the versatility of the educational directions to inspire the possibilities of TEC.

Let the former mechanic student, Emilie Rath, tell her story about her journey from TEC to Formal 1, how her dreams of Formula 1 flourished, her memories as a student, and how TEC helped her realize her dreams.

Or get inspired by Peter, who merely at an age of 24 followed his entrepreneurial dreams and started his own blacksmith company.

Think big, untraditional, and outside the box.

Explore the universe yourself right here: TEC Vocational Educations



Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790