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Digital exhibition store



How does TRUNK foster new business partners and maintain existing relationships in an immersive and interesting way?


A digital exhibition store that embodies the concept of TRUNK and their products, and a place where TRUNK can invite new and established business partners inside.

Eyeing the possibilities in a limited world

A digital sales tool, which connects the physical and digital TRUNK-world with a wow-effect

COVID-19 left everyone with a world with only fractures of its possibilities. But TRUNK saw new opportunities in a limited world.
Being present in 17 countries, the gap between TRUNK and their business partners became evident. And fortunately, they saw an opportunity in yet another business partner – us at Cadpeople.

Together, we created a digital exhibition store – a digital sales tool – which enables TRUNK to “meet” with clients and potential business partners beyond time and space, where physical contact was off limits. But what makes our smiles go all the way from one ear to the other is that the feedback from TRUNK has exceeded our expectations and that they use their digital tool in physical meetings too.

Two sides of the same coin

The sales tool may seem quite familiar, as we wanted to capture and reflect the physical retail stores where you typically find TRUNK products.
Together we developed two versions of the sales tool – Public and Presenter.

Public enables TRUNK to forward the tool to new potential customers without being present, but with the same possibilities as if they were. The visitor is welcomed and introduced to the digital exhibition store by the two Founding Partners, Tina Vagtholm and Knud Erik Knudsen, who pinpoint where to find information about their products in the store and where to book a meeting.

With Presenter, TRUNK can tailor the showroom and facilitate meetings, present numbers, graphs, and personalised figures for each client. This version functions as a pillar for TRUNK to present and showcase their products themselves, which gives that extra edge over a regular PowerPoint presentation.

A digital conversation starter

The digital sales tool sparks conversations, and the immersive design triggers a great dialogue between TRUNK and their business partners. Therefore, conversations often revolves around the tool itself before moving towards the actual sales presentation.

The solution we created with Cadpeople is now – one year later – our most important sales tool and has proven its justification when it comes to creating new solid business relations.

Knud Erik Knudsen Founding Partner, TRUNK


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
Tel +45 2014 6601