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Engaging e-learning module



How do we help Vattenfall motivate those working in offshore work areas to engage in environmental and sustainable procedures?


We created an interactive and engaging e-learning module, which highlights Vattenfall’s environmental and sustainability commitment.

From words to action

Rethinking how to communicate environmental and sustainability procedures in an engaging manner.

Vattenfall has the ambition to be the industry’s frontrunner in sustainability and is committed to taking responsibility for coming generations by contributing to sustainable development, and engaging with stakeholders economically, environmentally, and socially. Therefore, they asked us to create an interactive e-learning module that would illustrate this commitment and demonstrate best environmental practices which are expected to be followed when undertaking operations at their assets – in a new and engaging way.

Rethink learning by putting an “E” in front

Continuous improvement of environmental performance in all parts of operations is a prerequisite for sound business development. Environmental considerations are a routine part of daily operations and are directly contributed towards by the employees and those working at the asset. To increase awareness and education around the environment, we developed an environment and sustainability e-learning module that consists of 6 engaging and interactive topics for the user to immerse into.

6 engaging and interactive topics

  • Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Spill Management
  • Biodiversity Protection
  • Environmental Incident Management

Included within the module is a host of learning objectives such as relevant theory, immersive videos, and interactive exercises. This composition allows for the perfect media to deliver to an end user and facilitates different types of knowledge sharing in a consistent, accessible, and engaging manner in order to cater for different learning types of individuals.

E-learning that translates to practice

How do you appropriately manage waste?
How do you store and handle chemicals correctly?
How do you work sustainably and appropriately interact with the natural environment?

Answers to these questions, among many more, are detailed within the e-learning module, thereby enabling the users to make the correct environmental and sustainable decisions and help to ensure that any negative environmental consequences can be appropriately dealt with or ultimately prevented.

Vattenfall believes environmental compliance is more than following guidelines, it is a proactive mindset and a personal responsibility.

Cadpeoples bespoke e-learning module helps to deliver this in a proactive, enjoyable, and engaging way.


Implementing this strong employee training and development programme created by Cadpeople is fundamental in facilitating Vattenfall’s ambition of being fossil free within one generation, and to be an industry frontrunner in sustainability.

Chris Jackson Manager, EnSu Projects and O&M, Vattenfall



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Partner & CEO
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