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Vestas Visitor Centre



How do we create an all-around storytelling experience for Vestas’ guests and clients?


Tell a visually powerful story of Vestas’ industry leadership in terms of using data in their business by utilising our expertise in new technologies like VR, AR and touch.

Giving visitors an experience to remember

We wanted to help Vestas communicate the story of Vestas, with a focus on their value propositions, to clients and visitors at their new “Visitor Centre” on the 12th story of their Copenhagen headquarters.

Through our history of working together with Vestas on a number of projects, we were familiar with their story, but we needed to develop a concept that could narrate this through several types of experiences – and do so in a compelling way.

Behind the solution

Together with Vestas, we arrived at the conceptual headline “Data is in our DNA”. We created several visual experiences involving touch screens and both augmented and virtual reality – and around these experiences, we created an overall narrative frame consisting of a DNA string graphic printed on the walls throughout the Visitor Centre. The storytelling visual experiences were:

Two touch screen solutions. The first is headlined “Follow the Data”, which explains how Vestas collect data on a worldwide scale and then goes on to show how they use this data to reap benefits in several parts of the value chain. The second is headlined “Global Reach” and shows how Vestas’ business reaches all across the globe, be it existing sites, emerging sites or places of production, training, et cetera.


A service technician training module – a digital learning solution that consists of a large 84” touch screen and a smaller control display. The service technician training module demonstrates how service technicians are trained in a digital environment that is also easy to transport, mount, replicate, and update.

An augmented reality solution displaying Vestas’ entire wind turbine portfolio. Simply look out of the window on the 12th story through an iPad, and the turbines emerge on the horizon with interactive product information.

The crown jewel of the Visitor Centre – is a virtual reality experience, where you encounter a wind turbine that is identical to the real-life ones. This experience starts off by bringing you in through the bottom of the tower and ends with you standing at the top of a wind turbine.

The results

With the Vestas Visitor Centre, we created an all-around storytelling experience by using VR, AR and touch screen technologies, and we used these technologies to tell the story of Vestas’ industry leadership in terms of utilising data.

But the value of the visual materials doesn’t stop at the Visitor Centre – they are universally useful because Vestas can bring them to conferences and exhibitions all across the globe, further reinforcing the marketing arsenal of the business worldwide.


Claus Riekehr Møller
Partner & CEO
Tel +45 3115 9790