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VR tour of an offshore substation



How do we highlight the importance of Semco Maritime’s otherwise anonymous offshore substations?


Emphasize the offshore substation as the heart of the offshore wind site and take the customer on a compelling and immersive VR tour of an offshore substation.

A compelling and immersive VR tour of an offshore substation

A substation is not as prominent as the turbines but nonetheless the heart of an offshore wind site. Every offshore wind site has a substation that acts as a hub, collecting and transforming the power generated by wind turbines before sending it back to shore.

We wanted to highlight the importance of the technically complex but otherwise anonymous substations. Since the wind turbines usually steal the spotlight, we decided to emphasize the vital role of the offshore substation as the heart of an offshore wind farm.

Behind the solution

In order to show what the substation actually does, we take the audience on a VR tour. A helicopter takes you to the substation, where you get a fully immersive 3D experience of what goes both on and under the deck.

As a special feature, we introduced AR as an integral part of the VR experience. Through a head-up-display, a guide tells you about the substation and the technical expertise put into it. The detail-oriented user will notice that as the electrical transformers make noise, the guide will continue the narration by yelling through the noise in the room. This is another simple yet effective detail added to increase the immersion of the experience, as it makes you feel like you are actually there.

We soon discovered that it’s the immersive VR experience itself that really creates excitement and attention. And this is where Cadpeople really contributed with their experience and visual communication competencies.

Jan Michael Jensen, Marketing Manager, Semco Maritime

The results

The solution has been delivered to Semco Maritime to great acclaim from employees. So far it has been used at exhibitions, conferences and meetings in Denmark, Germany, UK, Taiwan and the USA. Everywhere people have been overwhelmed with the experience and said that they now understand the role of the offshore substation – even 12-year-old kids. Internally in Semco, many employees have also enjoyed this virtual tour to an offshore substation. Even engineers working on the project have said that it was almost like being there.


Thomas Juel
Partner & CSO
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