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3D animated packaging instructions films



How do we help DAFA workers learn how to correctly package products?


Create a series of 3D animated packaging instructions films that would later be used to train workers across multi-platform DAFA centres.

Animated videos for training

The ambition for this project was to make it as easy as possible for DAFA to train new packaging workers from multi-platform centres across Europe. The challenge was to make these films as simple as possible so they could be easily understood by people that speak different languages.

Animations driving training forward

To do this, we created multiple simplistic animations that show you the rights and wrongs when it comes to packaging products. These animations show the process of properly packaging products from beginning to end, showing the correct way to places objects and the correct way to stack boxes on wooden pallets. There were a total of 9 videos made for this project, all showing different types of packaging products. They were all made in a similar way to make it easy for workers in training to understand.


Jonas Somerville Andersen
Partner & CEO of Cadpeople UK
Tel +44 (0)131 202 0059